Friday, May 26, 2017

May 26

I was pretty tired this morning doing my walk this morning.  My muscles are still adapting to barefoot-ish walking.   And my pack was full of groceries again.  Tomorrow's probably will be too, as I am loading up for my trip.   Today I wore sneakers with no support and no heel.  They felt good but they get very soggy walking in the grass and they don't dry fast at all.   So, no thanks.

This evening I did a 2 mile walk with M.  That was very nice and I had my energy back.  My fitbit logged 24000 steps, so almost to goal.

These were interesting flowers I didn't recognize

Yahara river

I love how new flowers come up every few days it seems!  Now the Irises are in bloom

I learned that this is an allium, or flowering onion.   This was particularly pretty in the evening light.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 25

Today I walked 7 miles in the morning, the grocery run, then 5 miles in the evening.  I also had 3 long meetings with people.  I am exhausted and I think it's from the meetings much more than the walking!   Actually the first meeting was only an hour and it was too short as it was with a friend on the way home from the store, and it was wonderful.  The other two involved paying attention to things I didn't care too much about even though in one case it was important (bathroom remodel) and in the other it was an old colleague, and it's polite to be interested even if it's about stuff I'm no longer interested in.    My total fitbit steps were 30,000.  Tomorrow will be another hectic day, but hopefully with a walks and bike ride interspersed.   I walked with my xero shoes this morning--a little too small unfortunately--and some no-heel shoes but not barefoot shoes in the afternoon.   I can see the potential in the xero shoes when I get the right size.  You really walk like you are barefoot and I feel no pain even though it's harder on my leg and foot muscles because they are being used in ways they aren't used to.

Here are pics from my morning walk...

Fortunately one of the meetings was at the terrace.  That made up for long conversations
 I haven't been downtown in a while so the walk home was enjoyable

 and now I'm back in familiar neighborhoods

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 24

It was a lovely misty peaceful morning walk to the grocery store.  I wore my vibram shoes for the first time to the grocery store.  I tend to walk a little slowly because I'm still adjusting to the barefoot type of walking, and I'm stepping lightly, especially with the backpack.  I got a lot of groceries, weighing in at 25 lbs including the backpack.  I do run into a problem with these shoes on this walk because I walk in the grass a fair amount and the dandelions get caught between my toes!  It actually hurts.  Pretty funny, huh?

I also walked with a friend over the lunch hour, just about 20-25 minutes but we walked quickly.  My fitbit says 23,500 steps so it's approaching my goal (25000).

Here are pics from the first walk:

 I can't get enough of the poppies!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 23

I am so exhausted, not from exercise but from setting up our new phones today.  I think I'm done.  I managed to walk 5 miles this morning to my favorite conservancy site, and then 2 miles this afternoon with M.  I took pictures with my new phone--still not as good as our point-and-shoot camera, but pretty good.   The walks were definitely the best part of this day!  Walking in that conservancy in the early morning is really nice. The birds are active.  I heard some sandhill cranes but didn't see them.  They sounded content.  I wore my 5-toed vibram shoes this morning.  I really like them on the dirt.

From the afternoon walk:

Monday, May 22, 2017

may 22

What a beautiful morning it was for my walk.  I went to the grocery store--didn't need much but it's my favorite walk and it meant I get to eat more carrots which I love.  It was the usual 7-mile walk.  I ran into a friend and we walked and talked with her daughter who I adore and only get to see a few times a year so that was a real treat.  I did my usual bear crawl in one park and playing on on the playground in the other.   In the afternoon I mowed the lawn.  That put me over my fitbit goal of 25000 steps per day so I'm happy.  

The middle school kids were playing in the park during my journey to the store, and then I had it to myself on the way back.

lots of baby ducks abound.

The tulips are mostly gone and the poppies are coming in!  I love poppies!   We tried growing them in our yard but the rabbits like to eat them.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

may 21--WWAATTHD?

What would an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker do?   Yesterday when I walked in the rain, I thought about the AT hikers I read about who had rain for 20 days in a row.  Today I walked 9 miles and thought, that's nothing compared to an AT thru-hiker's day.  I'm sure the obsession will fade but it's pretty fun and inspiring right now.  And 10 miles a day actually feels really good.  I'd like to do that every day.  I remember when I was a kid living in Germany, we did a lot of Volksmarches, either 10, 20, or 30 km.  I remember after doing one, I seemed to have more energy and could run faster.

Anyway, I walked to and from church today, first following the bike path which I haven't done in a while, and then taking a longish detour along Starkweather Creek.

Here's the bike path:

is someone chopping this down?  a beaver or human?

Starkweather creek

There are still lots of pretty flowering bushes and trees.

The Thai Pavillion at Olbrich.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

may 20

The usual:  walked to the co-op.  I didn't need groceries for today but do for tomorrow and won't have time to go then.  so 7 miles round-trip.  It rained on the way back.  Consumerbarbie wants some waterproof gloves.  I've been missing my barefoot shoes.  My heels don't hurt when I wear those.  However, I'm finding if I walk in my other boots and shoes the same as I walk barefoot, my heel pain goes away there too.   I just need to sashay my hips more, i.e., walk like a girl (straight girl, ha) and it's also sort of like the way you walk uphill.  Since I'm getting addicted to walking, I would have liked to walk more this afternoon, or bike or something, but it was raining all day and I had a bunch of office chores to do so this was a good day to get that done.  This walking thing has gone a long ways towards curing my iphone/computer/social media/something-playing-in-my-ears addiction.   I'm feeling more relaxed.  

The kids are getting ready for soccer at Olbrich.  They were even playing in the rain when I returned. Yea for them!

I got a lot more wet than yesterday!